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ti expanse

Expanse Fall 2024 Flier.jpeg

TI Expanse is Team Impact's newest venture.   As a sanctioned NFL Flag League, TI Expanse encompasses all aspects of flag football.  Athletes practice as a group, focusing on basic training/fitness drills and specific position skills.  

The first part of training will include fitness and conditioning fundamentals. Athletes are pushed to their appropriate skill level limits and coaches will look for weekly improvements.

The second part of training practices include football position specific stations including flag pulling, route running, DB skills, corner break drills, quarterback drills, etc.

On Friday nights, each athlete is assigned to a different team and a different coach.  Teams then face each other in a round-robin tournament until a winner is determined in each age category.

Teams and coaches are different every week, so athletes get to experience new teammates, playing positions and coaching styles.

Athletes ages 6-14 of all skill levels are welcome at TI Expanse.   There are no minimum skill or experience levels, so this programs is ideal for beginners, or athletes who are looking to make a transition from recreational to competitive flag football.

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