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ti select


Developed in January 2021, Team Impact Select was formed in order to help a dedicated athlete become their absolute best. TI Select is an intense, all-inclusive training program that includes everything from nutritional programs to athletic social media management.  


Athletes will learn how to set, track, achieve and reflect upon goals. They will learn to view life as body, balance and being with emphasis on school and their sport. They will be educated on proper hydration and nutrition, and develop daily at-home workout habits. Each athlete has their own accountability partner/coach outside the home.  


Training with TI Select not only yields measurable results, but it also gives athletes an additional sense of confidence and helps them understand the benefits of mental and physical health, strength and recovery.  

Team Impact Select only serves a limited number of athletes in order to focus on individual attention.  The average athlete spends 4 months in a TI Select program and the average age of athletes is 11-14 years.

ti select athlete achievements:

  • 14-year-old incoming high-school freshman increased muscle mass 15.4% and decreased body fat by 5.7% in 90 days while earning his QB1 position.

  • 14-year-old with 33.8% body fat achieved hiking 14k elevation for first time

  • 14-year-old increased maximum bench press from 175 to 200 lbs. in 60 days

  • Incoming high-school freshman grew his twitter account by 114 followers in 90 days, mainly college recruiters and coaches

  • 11-year-old gained 12 lbs. in 60 days and gained additional strength

  • 11-year-old QB added 7.5 yards to his maximum throwing distance in 60 days

  • 11-year-old gained 5 lbs. of muscle in 45 days

  • 11-year-old improved sprint times by 15% in first 30 days, increased weight by 17 lbs. and dropped 3.45% body fat

  • 12-year-old dropped 4.3% body fat in 4 months and earned starting QB position

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